Watch: Tyson Fury call Derek Chisora a 'sh*thouse' as he goads him into signing triology contract

Tyson Fury has made another attempt to bait Derek Chisora into signing a big payday contract for their trilogy match.

With the the words 'don't be a (cat emoji)' which our emoji experts have worked out means 'pussy', stamped on the video, Fury baited Chisora on his social media channels.

Promoter Eddie Hearn claims the 38-year-old Chisora has already rejected several offers for a third fight with the apparently retired WBC heavyweight champion Fury.

It appears to be an odd choice of opponent for Fury to step out of his 'retirement' for, given his WBC belt is still on the line.

Fury has already beaten Chisora in 2011 and 2014 and the London-based British fighter is a shadow of the man he was back then, and is also way down the rankings.

A Fury vs Chisora fight is also unlikely to have the pay-per-view tills ringing either.

"This one goes out to Derek Chisora. You're running, Dereck , from the trilogy," said Fury on social media.

"You call yourself 'War,' but you should call yourself 'Chicken' because you're running from a trilogy and a career-highest payday.

"Get the f*** contract signed. Don't be a s*** house."

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