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  • ‘I’Ll Fight You In A Hot Dog Suit’ Love Island Star Jack Fincham Reveals Two ‘Dream’ Opponents

‘I’ll fight you in a hot dog suit’ - Love Island star Jack Fincham reveals two ‘dream’ opponents

Love Island winner Jack Fincham revealed which two opponents he would like to face following his successful return to boxing.

The 31-year-old picked up a second-round knockout victory over mixed martial artist Ahmed Mousa on Crypto Fight Night 4 last Friday.

This was Fincham’s first boxing outing since competing on the undercard of a Floyd Mayweather exhibition over 18 months ago.

On that occasion, the reality tv star boxed Anthony Taylor but quickly spiralled out of control after the bout.

Drugs and alcohol took Fincham down the wrong path but the Love Island winner ultimately turned to boxing and turned his lifestyle around.

Following his successful return to the ring, the question now turns to who Fincham will challenge next.

“I need to beat Warren Spencer,” he told Amber O’Donnell in his pre-fight interview.

“I just need to beat him at some point on this CFN [Crypto Fight Night] show. Because if he calls me a hot dog one more time. I'm telling you. 

“It's quite funny. It’s not even offensive. I like hot dogs. It’s not even offensive, but it's quite annoying me. But yeah, I've got to beat him on one of these shows.”

Spencer also competed on the CFN show and picked up a knockout victory over YouTuber DawoodSAVAGE in just 40 seconds.

If not Spencer, Fincham is also setting his sights on another big name in the influencer boxing world.

He added: “Because I've had to pull out twice, Aaron Charmers. Them two I’ve got in my head. I've got to fight them at some point.

“The dream one would be Aaron. I like Aaron's story as well. I actually chat to Aaron, he's been through similar experiences. So that would be nice. That's the one I want, eventually.

“Idris Virgo needs to just drop me out. I will fight you but when I'm ready. 

“It's hard for me because obviously, obviously I'm a licenced pro in England, but you can't really fight loads and loads of influencers. You have to go with someone from some sort of fighting background. So it's hard to pick the fights.

“I'll be honest, there's a lot of influences out there that I'm watching now thinking ‘stop thinking you can box because you can't.’ I'd love you to spend one minute in this room with me. And then you'll see.

“I'm watching them post things, I'm thinking what are you doing? Stop doing that. But yeah, the dream one has to be Warren Spencer and Aaron Chalmers at some point.”

When asked to send a message to Spencer, Fincham added: “Don’t get into a room with me mate because you’re gonna regret it.

“You’re going to regret calling me a hot dog. In fact, I’m going to come out in a hot dog suit. I’ll fight you in a hot dog suit and still win.”

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