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  • Love Island’S Jack Fincham Reveals How Boxing Brought Him Out Of Addiction And ‘Self Destruct Mode’

Love Island’s Jack Fincham reveals how boxing brought him out of addiction and ‘self destruct mode’

Love Island winner Jack Fincham has opened up on his battle with drugs and alcohol on the eve of his boxing return.

The 31-year-old reality TV star marks his in-ring comeback this Friday night when he takes on martial artist Ahmed Mousa at Crypto Fight Night.

Fincham’s last outing came 18 months ago in Dubai when he boxed Anthony Taylor in an exhibition on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s bout with Deji.

The former amateur boxer revealed he struggled to lay low after the event.

In an interview with Amber O’Donnell, he said: “After that fight, I'll be honest, I didn't set any new goals. I went out partying pretty much for 18 months. I wasn't in the right headspace to deal with it, I managed to sort of deal with it in my own way.

“My family came out to see me, they flew out all the way to Dubai to see me. I went missing for the week after. Drinking, you know, not caring about anyone apart from myself. And it's not that I'm a selfish person, it's more that I didn't have any respect for myself.”

He added: “I went into complete self destruct mode. I was already battling with addiction, at the time I was going into that fight. I was battling addiction quite secretly for a few years, as well.

“Before I knew it, I'd gone missing, ruined everyone else's holiday, let myself down. I fell straight back into the cycle that I had come away from to build up to that fight.”

Looking back at his troubles, Fincham added: “When I say lows, I mean, I'm talking there was a point, I had to borrow score from my mum to get about.

“And you've got to think I'd won the biggest TV show in England. And I just boxed on one of my actual heroes’ cards, but I squandered all the money and it was all going on things that weren't relevant now.

“I was out every weekend, you know, taking drugs and drinking and just doing things that have lost me jobs, lost me friends. I'd always fall back on my family. But I think even they got to a point where they were too sick of hearing it.

“No one believed the word I was saying. I'm going to stop now, I'm going to change now, but I never just never did.”

Fincham revealed that one of the turning points came after being arrested on suspicion of drug-driving back in the summer of 2023.

“I got arrested in August last year,” he said. “Then I got given a suspended sentence, an 18-month suspended sentence. I said that this is enough now. And this is all down to drink and substances you shouldn't be taking. All of this stuff was my own fault.”

The Love Island winner was able to get back on the right path through sport.

He said: “Going back to boxing, that is the only thing that ever helped me. Helps keep me grounded, living healthy.

“When you're in a boxing gym, all them people only want to see you be the best version of yourself. That’s huge. There’s obviously a bit of competition and stuff but it's a healthy environment to be in.”

Fincham is now looking forward to a much-anticipated in-ring return. The reality TV star is no stranger to the squared circle having won 18 of his 26 amateur fights for Eltham ABC.

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