Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter: Tyson Fury ‘doesn’t want to fight’ – he’s ‘asking for too much money’

Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter, Alex Krassyuk, has claimed that Tyson Fury has been “asking for too much money” so the heavyweight undisputed fight is unlikely.

Usyk and Fury have been in talks over a fight for the past couple of months. This comes after they faced off ringside following the Brit's comprehensive win over Derek Chisora on December 3.

The bout was initially expected to land in Saudi Arabia, but these plans were scrapped after Fury could not agree his purse with the nation's officials.

A fight at Wembley Stadium on April 29 was a backup option, but it has been suggested that Fury is unwilling to give the two-weight world champion a 50/50 purse split.

To the frustration of the boxing community, the fighters are now likely to go their separate ways.

Krassyuk has claimed that Fury "doesn't want to fight" as he has been "asking for something impossible".

"I can only tell you from the words I hear from my negotiators, my partners Frank and George Warren. According to their reports, Tyson Fury was asking for too much money," Krassyuk told iD Boxing.

He later added: "Even if Oleksandr Usyk if would get zero for the fight, it would still not be sufficient for Tyson to cover his [demands].

"Normally when a fighter doesn't want to fight, he asks for something impossible, and then it's not happening. That's according to my experience. I've been in boxing for almost 20 years and that's what I've seen so many times.

"When you're looking for an opponent for your fighter and finding a proper option, and he doesn't want to come, he says, 'pay me 100 instead of five'."

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn - who works with Anthony Joshua - has been quick to lambast Fury and he has accused 'The Gypsy King' of being "greedy".

"When are you guys out there going to start understanding? 'It's not about the money', 'I'll fight him for free'. 'As long as the tickets are free for the general public'," Hearn told IFL TV.

"F*** off. You want money. You want too much money. You're not the draw you think you are. That fight's not as big as you think it is."

Hearn added: "[Fury] is all about greed. If you are about legacy and you want to be undisputed, then you take the fight. So you'll get £50m or £60m instead of the £80m or £100m or £125m that you asked for.

"'F*** me. You've all been played for all these years. But, concentrate on one thing. April 1st. The O2 Arena. AJ is back against Jermaine Franklin.

"He's never ducked from anybody. He's always wanted the fights. Fought all these people in progression. Never told Porky Pies. Never went on social media and said I am going to give all my money away. F*** right off. Get behind Anthony Joshua."

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