Michael Conlan not concerned about judges ahead of world title challenge

Michael Conlan is not concerned about the judges' scorecards ahead of his world title challenge against Leigh Wood.

The unbeaten Irishman heads to Nottingham - the hometown of his opponent - at the Motorpoint Arena just weeks after Jack Catterall lost a controversial decision to Josh Taylor.

Catterall claimed there is 'a lot of corruption in boxing' following one card of 114-111 in favour of light welterweight champion Taylor by judge Ian John-Lewis.

Conlan - who was robbed of fighting for a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics - believes the choice of having international judges for his fight will prevent questionable scorecards.

"Selfishly, it probably happened for a good reason leading into my fight," he said.

"So it is kind of going to be a bit hard to happen to me now that that has happened.

"I felt devastated for Jack Catterall but in a selfish kind of way I was probably quite happy it happened now instead of in my own fight.

"There will be international judges in this fight as well.

"This will not just be UK judges. I know that it was pushed because someone says we are both UK fighters.

"But I'm not, I'm Irish, it's not the same and I think there will be three international judges then one English judge, one English referee."

Asked if he felt he would have to knock Wood out to ensure history did not repeat itself, Conlan replied: "I'm not worried about knocking anybody out or doing anything like that, if it comes, if comes.

"It quite possibly could come but at the same time I'm just focused on being the best Michael Conlan I can be.

"I know if I do that no judge in the world could rob me of what I'll do so I'm excited."

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