Josh Warrington is “eager to right the wrongs” from shock Mauricio Lara defeat

"The obvious question is, 'you got caught cold?'. I certainly did, and it's dangerous to overlook anybody in this game."

Josh Warrington suffered the first loss of his professional career at the hands of Mexican Mauricio Lara last Saturday night.

The Leeds-born fighter began slowly, as Lara made a bright start. Instead of using his boxing ability to pick off his inexperienced opponent, he got dragged into a brawl as both men exchanged shots in the early going.

The bout got turned on its head in the fourth, however. Lara landed a vicious left hand that visibly wobbled the former IBF world featherweight champion.

Warrington was knocked down shortly after and he was fortunate to survive the round. He never really recovered from this as Lara did get the stoppage in the ninth round. Howard Foster waved off the contest when Warrington was downed again with another left hook.

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The Leeds Warrior recently spoke to talkSPORT about the fight and he suggested that despite the defeat, Lara is not on the "same level" as him:

"I've got a sore shoulder and I got a scan after the fight in hospital on the brain and everything, but I'm okay.

"I will probably have to go back for some follow-ups just to check things are okay, but so far everything is good.

"The obvious question is, 'you got caught cold?'. I certainly did, and it's dangerous to overlook anybody in this game.

"Maybe I had one eye on what was to come after beating this guy. I still believe this guy is not at the same level as me, but it's not easy for me to say after I've been knocked out by him.

"Skillset - I don't think he's the same level. He caught me cold and at the end of the day it's sport and these things happen.

"I'm really eager to right the wrongs. If I didn't have that then I wouldn't be bothered.

"As soon as I got into the changing rooms, I was knocking myself thinking 'what's gone wrong?'. I need to right that mistake and need to prove this guy isn't my level and beat the guys who I've been talking about wanting to fight.

"That fire is there and the day it goes out I'll call it a day."

Speaking to IFL TV, Eddie Hearn revealed that a rematch could take place by the "end of the summer" with fans back:

"We have Lara signed to a two-fight deal. My own desire is to see Josh beat him in a rematch, but of course, my global outlook is Mauricio Lara could end up being a star. I'm being honest, but I want Josh Warrington to beat him.

"That's something we've exercised [the rematch] with Mauricio Lara's team, and it will be set for the end of the summer, and we believe fans will be back, and I believe Josh Warrington will get a victory."

Going into this fight there were a lot of question marks surrounding Warrington. He had been out of action for 16 months dating back to his TKO win over Sofiane Takoucht in October 2019.

He was also fighting without fans for the first time in his pro career. For Warrington - a boxer at his best when thousands of fans are there chanting his name - this was a major adjustment.

Add to this the risk of overlooking a relatively unknown opponent, and Warrington's clash with Lara appears more challenging than it did initially on paper.

The 30-year-old admitted himself that he did indeed overlook Lara. Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte come to mind as recent examples of world level fighters who were defeated in similar fashion.

But Warrington is an incredibly hungry fighter and you have to believe that his persona is suited to giving it his all to bounce back.

Let's hope the rematch does take place in front of fans so his raucous fanbase can be there to back him.

Warrington still has a lot to achieve in his career and getting redemption against Lara is his first step to further greatness.

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