Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout against YouTube personality Deji called off after six rounds

While not entirely unexpected, the exhibition fight between legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and a Deji, who makes their living creating videos for Youtube, was such a mismatch it had to be stopped.

How the fight, between one of the greatest boxers ever born and a freelance video creator, ever came about will probably remain a mystery.

The reason why everyone was so surprised to see the fight on the card became abundantly clear within the opening exchanges of the first round as the 45-year-old danced rings around his much younger opponent.

The whole situation was made even more chaotic by having another Youtube personaility, this one also a licensed boxer, Jake Paul in the commentary box hauling insults at Mayweather from beside the ring.

Mayweather took things very easily to start out with and this became more apparent as the bout wore on and he started to put Deji under more and more pressure before fight referee Kenny Bayless felt he had to step in and call it off before the end of the sixth round.

Despite the decidedly one-sided nature of the fight, Mayweather has some uncharacteristically kind words for his opponent.

"I'm proud of you, keep up the great work," he said.

"I want anyone to go after their dreams, go after what they believe in, continue to work hard and continue to build. I didn't get to where I got to overnight. It took a lot of time, it took a great team. I didn't do it by myself.

"I'm glad that he landed a good shot. This is a part of fighting, this is a part of entertainment."

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