Exclusive: Mauricio Sulaiman to invite Tyson Fury to Mexico for crunch talks

The WBC president spoke to Planet Sport about the future of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Mauricio Sulaiman has revealed he is set for talks with Tyson Fury later this week and is confident of him continuing in the sport.

Fury spoke to several outlets last week and said only $500m to face the winner of Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk could force him out of retirement.

Sulaiman wants to invite Fury to Mexico to talk further about his future in boxing.

"I will reach out to him this week to see what we can do - assuming he wants to visit Mexico so I'm going to talk to him (to) see maybe he can visit our country and we can show him our hospitality and just show him the love that Mexican fans have for him," Sulaiman exclusively told Planet Sport.

Fury told talkSPORT that he has no intentions of vacating his WBC belt despite being retired.

When asked whether the WBC would step in if that was the case, Sulaiman refused to answer but could not hide his admiration for the undefeated lineal heavyweight king.

"Well, he did his mandatory title defence. A champion has six months to defend the title, one year to defend the mandatory defence.

"What I have seen is mostly media and hype of speculations of what he will do or will not do.

"He has expressed continuously that he's retired, but when we spoke, we agreed that he will take his time and I'm going to talk to him and his promoters in the near future - just to get started to see if he confirms he's retired.

"That will be a great example to go out while you're on top - it is a great example to every boxer because many times we see sad stories when they retire once they have lost all their greatness.

"He has a beautiful family, he has money, he has great ways of making money outside of the ring. But if he continues fighting, he's a proud WBC champion," Sulaiman added.

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