Eddie Hearn: Dillian Whyte is playing a 'smart' move ahead of Fury fight

Eddie Hearn believes Dillian Whyte has made a 'smart' move by remaining silent about whether he will sign a contract to fight Tyson Fury in April.

Eddie Hearn believes Dillian Whyte has made a 'smart' move by remaining silent about whether he will sign a contract to fight Tyson Fury in April.

The two British rivals are set to collide for Fury's WBC heavyweight world title - a contest that is set to take place on BT Sport Box Office.

Hearn - who lost out on purse bids to stage the fight to Frank Warren - thinks it Whyte is playing the right sort of mind games.

Whyte is yet to speak to the media - sparking fears that he will do very little to promote the fight - which Warren paid $31million to win the rights for.

Dillian Whyte

"I want to see him win the fight. Let's hope both guys fight," said Hearn to iFLTV on the Fury vs. Whyte fight. "I always have doubts because I don't always necessarily believe some things.

"I like people saying, 'Oh, Dillian is not firing back at Tyson Fury.' I love it," said Hearn. "I love it. Keep them guessing. Maybe we'll be there maybe we won't. Let's see.

"It's great because he likes to be in control, and he doesn't know what's happening, so it's great," said Hearn about Fury putting out a new video today on social media, criticizing Whyte about his silence since Matchroom Boxing lost the purse bid.

"Maybe Dillian will take it, maybe he won'. Let's see. I wasn't [advising Whyte to be silent], but I love the idea more than I think about it. I think it's great because Tyson Fury likes to be the one [in control].

"'I've got him under my spell here.'No, you haven't. You can't even get him to react," said Hearn on Fury's inability to get Whyte to speak on social media or to the media to help promote their April fight.

"Dillian Whyte has been looking for this opportunity for a long time," Hearn said. "Of course, he's in this fight, and once contracts get signed and once things move forward, I'm sure you'll hear from him.

"But he's not a performing artist at a circus. He doesn't have to do everything, and I think it's really funny at the moment. So like I said, Dillian will talk when Dillian wants to talk. Just wait and we'll see.

"I think it's hilarious because they [Team Fury] don't know where they are," said Hearn when asked why he thinks it is funny that Whyte is yet to speak out about the clash.

"It's not uncertain. As a team, we're not uncertain. We know exactly what we're doing, but what I'm saying is that I think it's funny that they're uncertain. They can't get a response or a reaction.

"I just think it's smart. So Fury is allowed to play these mind games or tactics, but that can't happen from anyone else? I just think it's great.

Hearn won't help promote fight

Eddie Hearn

Dillian Whyte has been promoted by Matchroom Boxing since his 2015 defeat to Anthony Joshua but Eddie Hearn will not help ticket sales for his proposed bout against Tyson Fury.

"I'm not going to be out there giving interviews, selling tickets [for the Fury vs. Whyte fight]," said Hearn. "Of course, not. I lost the purse bid but I'm here to support Dillian Whyte in any way he wants.

"If he don't want, but I very much doubt that because we've spoken throughout this whole process.

"I want to see him win. We've worked to this moment and now he's got it, maybe, if we turn up," added Hearn.

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