Promoter reveals truth behind Chris Eubank Jr not fighting Gennadiy Golovkin

"You must remove the picture and you must give it to me and if you do, I will sign the deal for Jr."

Eddie Hearn has revealed the hilarious story of why the fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Gennadiy Golovkin collapsed.

As we all remember, a deal had been agreed and it seemed like the "Next Gen" star was going to challenge for world honours against the middleweight great.

Negotiations would eventually stall and Kell Brook - the IBF welterweight champion at the time - moved up two divisions to take on GGG at London's O2 Arena.

Despite putting on a brave display, Brook lost the fight and fractured his eye socket in the process. More than four years on, Hearn told Scott Mills and Chris Stark the real reason - and the story is an absolute belter.

"I was trying to do a deal with Chris Eubank Jr and it was me, Chris Eubank Jr and Chris Eubank Sr negotiating a deal.

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"We'd agreed all the terms of the deal and then Senior looked at me and said, 'Edward, now there's one more thing, in your father's office is a picture of me [imitating Eubank's voice].

"'It is me punching Nigel Benn in the face. It's the perfect example of the warrior spirit, of the warrior code, of the art of pugilism. It also has the official scorecards from the fight. You must remove the picture and you must give it to me and if you do, I will sign the deal for Jr.'

"So I'm [Hearn] like, 'Okay'. I've just given you a load of money and everything you want and now you want a picture off the wall in my dad's office. 'Yes, this is correct'. I said, 'Okay, sounds alright to me'.

Eddie revealed the conversation between himself and his father.

Eddie: Alright dad

Barry: How'd you get on?

Eddie: Yeah, quite painful but listen we're all done. We've done the deal, just one thing. You know that picture over there - can we have that?

Barry: What you mean?

Eddie: Well, Eubank said if you give him that picture, the deal's done.

Barry: Tell Eubank to go and stick it up his behind. That is my favourite picture in the world and there is no way I'm removing that from my wall.

Eddie: It's only a picture, innit? You know.

Barry: No, no, no… son. Not even up for discussion.

"So I had to go back and say to him, 'Chris, I'm really sorry - we've got a deal, but I can't deliver you the picture. 'Then there is no deal because a picture will paint a thousand words and this is part of the deal - a major moment to secure the paperwork' and I just said leave me alone, go away!"

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