Dillian Whyte reveals the person he'd never want to be in lockdown with

The heavyweight pulled no punches as to who he would never want to spend time with during the global pandemic.

Dillian Whyte has revealed the one person he would never want the share lockdown with.

Last year, the 'Bodysnatcher' conducted an interview with Sky Sports' Anna Woolhouse and spoke about a number of things, including his favourite win, being mandatory with the WBC for over 500 days without getting a title shot and an Anthony Joshua rematch.

Whyte, who avenged his Alexander Povetkin defeat, is looking at challenging for the WBA regular title next.

The Brixton man said: "Johnny Nelson. No I'm joking, I'm joking. You know, David Higgins. I'd kill him, I'd definitely shank him because he talks so much BS that guy.

"David Higgins - I don't think he does it deliberately. But if it was with Higgins and Hearn, it'd be funny, because they'd be going at each other.

"David Higgins would be going, 'Joseph Parker has never been down before' and Eddie would be like 'well, Dillian actually put him down a couple of times' so you know that would be a bit of banter.

"Them two would be funny."

When asked about who he would want to spend time with during lockdown, he chose a heavyweight icon.

"Probably Muhammad Ali - not because of what he done in the ring but from a mental aspect to hear how he fought and why he did the things he did.

"Not only in boxing, just things he was doing in and around boxing and how he was able to cope with fighting those big strong guys at the age he did and he beat all those guys.

"It'd be very interesting to hear his coping tactics and where was his mind set when he was going into the Sonny Liston fight, the George Foreman fight, those type of fights."

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