Jake Paul Profile

Born Jan 17, 1997
Age 25 years
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Nickname "The Problem Child"
Height 6ft 1ins
Reach 76 ins
Stance Orthodox
Division Cruiserweight Limit: 200 Pounds
Professional Record 5-0 (4)
Amateur Records 1-0

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul is box office and every boxer in the world wants a slice of the money he is generating.

Jake Paul is a professional boxer who most recently defeated Tyron Woodley in November.

Paul rose to prominence from Vine and has since become a superstar on YouTube with over 20 million subscribers. He was also a competitive wrestler and trained to be a Navy Seal before being a Vine sensation.

In boxing, Paul started his career with a victory as an amateur, winning his first and only fight inside five rounds against British Youtuber Deji Olatunji in August 2018.

Professional boxing career

He did not embark on his professional career until January 2020.

His first fight was against another YouTuber AnEsonGib in Miami. It was a one-sided bout with Paul knocking out his rival in the first round.

Ex-NBA star Nate Robinson was the next man to be knocked out by Paul inside two rounds in November 2020 - the bout was on the undercard of Mike Tyson's comeback against Roy Jones Jr.

The two legends of the sport collided in an eight-round exhibition contest, which ended in a draw. The pay-per-view delivered more than one million buys in America.

Former mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler Ben Askren was his third opponent in April 2021. Paul knocked his older opponent out in the first round.

Next came two fights against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

The first bout in August 2021 went to Paul by way of a split decision after eight rounds.

However, the second fight with Woodley in December 2021 ended in a brutal sixth-round knockout. Woodley was a late stand-in for Tommy Fury, but he was no match for Paul, who was urged to fight a "real boxer" next time out.

Tommy Fury fight cancellation

Paul and Fury had agreed to fight on December 18, 2021, in Tampa, Florida. But the Brit pulled out on medical grounds at the start of December with a broken rib and chest infection.

Fury labelled the cancellation one of "the darkest days that I've had in my life so far".

And Paul claimed he had no desire to get the fight back on.

"He wants the payday. But I said it before, I don't wanna take the fight with him, he doesn't deserve it. I'd rather fight Tyson Fury. I'll fight his brother or his dad before I'll fight Tommy," he told Volume Sports in January 2022.

Who will Jake Paul fight next?

As it stands, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is favourite to be Jake Paul's next opponent. He is a former world champion with 50 professional wins in boxing and holds the famous surname of Chavez. His father Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. is regarded as the greatest Mexican fighter of all-time.

"It's interesting. I like that fight a lot, because it silences the critics," Paul said to Chris Mannix.

"He was a former world champion, and I know I could beat him. And you look at his record, it's like 50 wins or something, and I don't even know the losses, but it's a good record.

"So that challenge excites me and I'm down. And this is what people don't understand is that, even after I knocked out Woodley, they were all like, 'Fight a real boxer.'

"I'm like, 'You guys, I tried, and he dropped out of the fight two weeks before.' So I want to fight a real boxer, newsflash, and I'm going to. Just have some f**king patience."

Net worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth site, Paul's net worth, as of 2022, was $30million.

Personal life

Jake Paul's brother is Logan Paul. Like Jake, he is most known for his work on YouTube and other social media platforms. In 2021, he fought Floyd Mayweather in an eight-round exhibition.

The fight - which delivered more than one million PPV buys in America - went the full distance and ended in a draw.

Jake Paul is currently dating Julia Rose and they are expecting their first baby together.

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