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NFL news: Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence looking forward to 'better leadership' this season

After struggling in his rookie season in Jacksonville, Trevor Lawrence believes the improved leadership from himself and new head coach Doug Pederson will result in more success.

There was an abundance of hype around No.1 draft pick Trevor Lawrence this time last year, as the Jacksonville Jaguars looked to build a team around the talented quarterback.
But while Lawrence's talent is undeniable, his rookie season with the Jaguars didn't quite go to plan, with former head coach Urban Meyer throwing him directly in the deep end.

The losses piled up as Lawrence was forced to learn, and learn quickly. Meyer has now been shown the exit, with Doug Pederson coming in as his replacement.

Clearly pleased with the appointment, Lawrence believes "better leadership" this season will help both him and the team around him to flourish.
"I think this season is going to be a lot different just because we have from myself better leadership, but also around the team," Lawrence said.
"So I think it's going to be a much different year.
"I mean, it was a long year for sure," Lawrence added.
"I'd say I think I stayed pretty positive the whole year. There definitely were some times where, especially after a game, you're just going home, and you're just like, man, a losing streak of five or six games in a row, it gets a little rough.
"I hadn't lost more than five or six games probably my whole career up until that point. So that was definitely a reality check for sure."
After winning just three games last season, it'd be hard for the Jaguars to not improve under Pederson, and an eight game losing streak to end the season ensured their campaign ended on a down note.
"Just trying to stay positive, trying to keep the team together, I think that was something I tried to do the whole season. Yeah, it was challenging," Lawrence said.
"I think I learned a lot from last year, obviously a different perspective than when you're just winning, like I'd done in the past. So a greater appreciation for winning, for one.
"And then just being able to overcome some of those challenges and then fix all of them and then now going into a new year with a lot of confidence, good team around us, great staff, I'm really excited."

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