Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell sets sights on New Year's Super Bowl

Having taken the Detroit Lions to their first NFC Championship game in over 30 years and secured 12 regular season wins, head coach Dan Campbell has set his sights on bigger things for 2024.

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The Detroit Lions scaled new heights last season, waltzing to the playoffs and overcoming the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before falling to the San Francisco 49ers in the Championship game, and even then, only doing so by a very narrow margin in their 31-34 loss.

Dan Campbell clearly feels his project is only just getting started, and the team’s Pro Bowl defensive end, Aidan Hutchinson, has revealed that the Detroit coach has lofty ambitions, stating,

"I think he, as we all were, was emotional after that game,"

"I don't know if he meant those things completely because, in our exit meetings the day after, he's like, ‘We're going to the Super Bowl next year!’ Like, ‘Screw it!’ Like, ‘I don't care what it takes!’ You kind of hear that after the game, and you get a little discouraged because you’re like, ‘Do you think that was our only shot?' I think it was just an emotional thing. I get it because it's like you have this 22-week season, and you're so close, and you just miss out.” Hutchinson commented before adding,

"You're like, ‘God, it took a lot to get here,’ but I understand. The next day, he kind of came in and gave us this speech that we're like, we're all ready to play again right now," Hutchinson continued.

"I felt like on that Monday, and I believe it too, because all the players that we have that are talented on our team are so young and we have so many more years all playing together."

It’s clear that Campbell has the backing of all those on his roster and another player to come to his defence following their loss to the 49es, which came, in part due to a tactical error by going for a TD rather than settling for a field goal on two occasion, is offensive linesman Penei Sewell, who commented,

"I don't agree with any criticism towards Coach. I've got his back until the end," "If he tells me to jump off a cliff with him, I'm right next to him,"

"I'm so serious. So, whatever he says, whatever he calls, we've just got to execute. So, that's on us really. That's my guy." Sewell added.

Dan Campbell is the kind of coach who wears his heart on his sleeve and is precisely the type of leader you would want, hence the support he has received from players and fans alike.

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