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NFL teams to watch in 2024 that missed the playoffs in 2023

With the Kansas City Chiefs winning back-to-back Super Bowls, it sometimes seems like the same NFL teams dominate year after year. But we promise that’s not always the case.

Last season, six teams made the playoffs that missed the playoffs the previous year. There are always plenty of surprises from one year to the next.

In honor of the six teams that made the playoffs last year despite missing out the previous year, we wanted to highlight six teams we think are ready to make some noise in 2024 despite failing to make the playoffs in 2023.


Chicago Bears

It’s been a few long years for the Bears, who haven’t won a playoff game in over a decade. However, Chicago has a chance to turn things around quickly.

The team is high on rookie quarterback Caleb Williams, who will be in a position to hit the ground running.

The Bears have made several notable additions to both sides of the ball this offseason, putting Williams in a position to succeed right away.

Obviously, Chicago has a long way to go, but the Bears will surely be an interesting team to watch closely because everything indicates that this is a team on the rise.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are three years removed from playing in a Super Bowl and have been to two of the last three AFC Championship Games.

A bounce-back season in Cincinnati isn’t just possible, it’s expected. The key to the whole operation will be keeping Joe Burrow healthy, which has been easier said than done lately.

Naturally, the team around Burrow is a little different. But he’s surely a quarterback who’s capable of leading his team to the Super Bowl. In fact, if Burrow is healthy, the Bengals are bound to be among the favorites in the AFC. 

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Los Angeles Chargers

The arrival of Jim Harbaugh is bound to breathe new life into the Chargers. Keep in mind that Los Angeles already has a franchise quarterback with Justin Herbert.

As a proven head coach in the NFL, Harbaugh will know how to get the most out of him. Harbaugh is likely to commit to running the ball to help take some of the pressure off Herbert.

That might be the best thing for a young quarterback who has put up big stats but struggled to win games. It’s possible that Harbaugh’s arrival can change that and turn the Chargers into a bonafide contender in the AFC.


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were painfully close to making the playoffs last year, and that was with a backup quarterback. A huge part of the team’s core is back in 2024 to give it another shot.

Obviously, Anthony Richardson will have to stay healthy and prove that he can be consistent from week to week.

But he had flashes of brilliance in 2023 while Shane Steichen looks like a promising head coach.

The pieces are there, the Colts just have to hope that Steichen and Richardson are ready to put them together.


Atlanta Falcons

By signing Kirk Cousins, the Falcons have turned themselves into a contender in the NFC. It’s not just the arrival of Cousins that gives Atlanta hope.

The Falcons already have one of the strongest offensive lines in the NFL and a slew of talented playmakers. They just didn’t have a reliable quarterback in 2023.

If Cousins can change that, Atlanta’s ceiling for the 2024 season becomes a lot higher with the Falcons being the definition of a team that’s built to win right now.


New York Jets

It’s easy to dismiss the Jets and laugh at their continued dysfunction and failure. But don’t forget that they still have Aaron Rodgers.

Despite missing most of last year with an injury, Rodgers must have something left in the tank. The Jets have also made upgrades this offseason at wide receiving and along the offensive line.

The supporting cast around Rodgers is probably better than it would have been for him had he stayed healthy in 2023.

Therefore, Rodgers won’t have to do everything himself, setting him up to lead the Jets back to the playoffs for the first time since 2010.


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