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Von Miller was 'ready' for Cowboys move, but snubbed $70million deal as it was too low

Von Miller made a move to the Buffalo Bills this off-season, but the 33-year-old almost found himself in Dallas playing for the Cowboys.

After adding another Super Bowl to his collection last year with the Los Angeles Rams, Von Miller was one of the most sought after free agents in the NFL this summer.
The eight-time Pro Bowler and former MVP is one of the best linebackers in NFL history, and despite his age he had plenty of offers on the table.

One of which was the Buffalo Bills, who ended up signing Miller on a six-year, $120million deal.

But things could've been very different for Miller, who was in talks with the Cowboys over a deal, only for money to become a major issue.

Miller revealed earlier this week that the Cowboys had offered Miller an identical deal to the one agreed with Randy Gregory - a five-year $70million deal.
Of course, Gregory then opted instead for a move to the Denver Broncos, making Miller the Cowboys' top target.

But while Miller admitted he'd have "taken less" to move to Dallas, he wasn't willing to take such a hefty wage cut.

"I told them I was ready to come to the Cowboys," said Miller. "I would have taken less to go to Dallas because it's Dallas. But I wouldn't take that much less."
With Miller now earning a $17million average each year with the Bills compared to the $14million-a-year offered by the Cowboys, it explains Miller's frustrations, and he seems happy with his eventual destination.
"This place chose me," Miller said. "Buffalo just chose me. And it's been trying to choose me all of these years."
With Miller and Gregory out of the equation for the Cowboys, they turned their attention towards pass rusher Dante Fowler, who will reportedly earn $3million across his one-year contract.
Dallas also drafted edge rusher Sam Williams in the second round out of Ole Miss.

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