Transfer Zone: Spurs close in on Richarlison and Jesus but still their fans aren’t happy

The latest transfer developments on social media, including worries that Tottenham may be overstocked in the forward department and Football Manager goings on in the Championship.

Tottenham could end up signing every single one of Antonio Conte's summer transfer targets and still their fans would come up with something to moan about. Maybe they should go back to shelling out £55million on the likes of Tanguy Ndombele and not playing them instead.

We're desperate for any kind of transfer titbits but what are we supposed to do with this information from a Newcastle insider? The medical is not confirmed or the player is not confirmed? It's a linguistic minefield.

Vincent Kompany has been unveiled as Burnley manager, ending weeks of speculation, while Jon Dahl Tomasson is in at Blackburn and it's hard not to argue with this Twitter user's assessment. Just waiting for Blackpool to announce Freddy Adu.

And here you go Chesterfield fans, the news you've all been waiting for. According to the Sheffield United website, Neal is "South Yorkshire through and through", whatever that means.

The transfer window is well and truly open and still the football goes on. Pity the poor Channel Four video editor who had to sell the England-Hungary rematch on the back of the initial Nations League encounter. Ooo, a blocked cross, must tune in for the reverse fixture.

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