Social Zone: Michael Owen is Captain Obvious, and Champions League botch explained?

Also: Why the Champions league draw was doubly painful for Barcelona to watch, and a must-see snooker fluke.

Soccer: The Champions League redraw certainly got everyone talking, and as usual Michael Owen was there to provide his cutting edge analysis...

Soccer: The botched initial Champions League draw was certainly unusual, but there was one prominent internet theory about what had happened...

Soccer: Spare a thought for Barcelona in this too. May be it was done just to troll them.

Soccer: Dan Neil is a big talent at Sunderland, although it looks like his table-tennis could do with some work!

In fairness, what no one told Neil when he made the bet is that Linda is a former county-level table tennis player! A valuable lesson for the 20-year-old.

Soccer: Appeal to all soccer clubs everywhere: Be more like Real Betis.

Snooker: If you were playing down the club, you'd absolutely claim this as deliberate...

Olympics: Seems Paris has something pretty special planned for the Opening Ceremony in 2024.

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