Social Zone: BBC News confirm Man United are rubbish, plus MMA star eats five pounds of ice cream

It’s been a bad year for Manchester United, but even BBC News couldn’t refrain from making fun of the Red Devils.

After finishing sixth in the Premier League and missing out on Champions League qualification, it didn't seem plausible for things to get any more depressing on the red side of Manchester. 

As it turns out, they could. What's more, it was an unlikely source which piled on the misery.

Any United fans who switched over to BBC News were given a nasty shock as the channel's ticker read: "Manchester United are rubbish."

The BBC have since confirmed that this was an error, explaining that a trainee was simply learning to use the system. Still, the trainee wasn't factual wrong, right?

Speaking of Manchester United, former boss Sir Alex Ferguson was forced to hand over the Manager of the Year prize to Jurgen Klopp.

Looking at this footage, the United legend wasn't keen on letting go of the trophy… especially to a Liverpool man.

If your team is minutes away from being relegated, what would you do?

Well, Dynamo Dresden fans opted to delay the inevitable by throwing pyro onto the field. Clearly, they wanted to buy some additional time. Unfortunately for them, a 2-0 defeat sent them down to the third tier.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house at the French Open as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga bowed out of the tournament for the very last time.

Ruthless from Casper Ruud, who won the final tiebreak 7-0!

Five-time World Strongest Man, Mariusz Pudzianowski, returns to MMA action this weekend.

Here, he reveals his diet ahead of fight night. Just 30 chocolate bars and five pounds of ice cream.

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