April 16 Social Zone: Emulsions flare after Spurs sponsor disaster

There was a broad spectrum of stories coming out across social media on Thursday, from the Europa League to a shock tennis result and paint. Yes, paint.

SOCCER: As referred to in Thursday's Social ZoneTottenham Hotspur announced that they have an official paint sponsor now. Yes, really.

But that wasn't where the story ended, my friend.

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The sponsor themselves started tweeting sarcastic replies to people slating the club they now support.

Suffice to say, then, that the Dulux dog had its tail between its legs after all this hoo-ha.

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SOCCER: This was some strike from Edinson Cavani to score his 50th goal in European competition.

Can we talk about the bow and arrow celebration at the end there, though?

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SOCCER: Did you really have a European away night if you didn't have the 'wheeling a suitcase coming off the coach' photo?

SOCCER: Either way, four English teams are in the semi-finals across the Champions League and Europa League. For Arsenal, it's a meeting against their old boss Unai Emery

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SOCCER: On a serious note for a moment, we wish Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang well in his recovery following a diagnosis of malaria.

TENNIS: A quite remarkable result for Britain's Dan Evans yesterday, beating Novak Djokovic in straight sets.

Anyone for a stat? Go on then:

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SOCCER: Now, this is heart-warming.

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FORMULA ONE: Not sure if I've ever seen a bigger gap in answers to the 'what animal would you be' question before, from cuddly house pet to full-blown dinosaur.

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