National Pie Week: Which football ground sells the ultimate pie?

The Premier League is arguably the best league in the world, but when it comes to serving the best pies they can't compete. Planet Sport investigates some of the top pies for National Pie Week.

A football club's 'pie game' has evolved hugely over recent years.

Not long ago, all you were given at a match was a standard meat pie with a steaming cup of hot Bovril. The contents of the pie was always that well known flavour 'brown meat'.

But just as the game has as evolved on the pitch, so has the food off it. You can now get a chicken balti pie, gammon and leek, steak and blue cheese and even chickpea for our vegetarian friends.

So to celebrate national pie week, Planet Sport has looked at the most popular pies from football stadiums up and down the UK and interviewed the people behind them.


Selected pie: Meat & potato

Price: £3.50 (includes peas and gravy).

Photo credit: Morecambe Football ClubMorecambe Football Club

Of course, we had to start with the award-winning pies at Morecambe Football Club.

One in four people buy a pie when attending a match at Morecambe, and it's easy to see why.

In 2014, the club earned recognition for their homemade pies with the award for 'Best Pie in Football' for their chicken, ham and leek pie.

Jackie Simpson is their pastry chef, and she also collected another prize in the 'Bramley Apple Pie' category at the British Pie Awards.

On matchday, the following pies are served at the Mazuma Stadium: Steak and ale, chicken, ham and leek and a sweet potato, chickpea and vegetable pie.

A spokesperson told Planet Sport: "On a matchday, we serve peas and gravy with the pies, not many clubs do that. For the meat and potato pie as well as the sweet potato option, it is £3.50 while the ham and leek one is at £4.

"Everything is made from house and it is a family recipe. The meat and potato is the favourite pie on matchday and we have sold a lot more this season compared to previous ones due to being in League One."

Exeter City

Pies selected: Kickin' Chicken Curry Pie

Price: £4

Photo credit: Exeter City Football Club

There have been some incredible reviews about Devon's locally produced 'Chunk' pies at the home of Exeter City.

Kickin' Chicken Curry Pie was the winner of a 2018 Highly Commended Taste of the West award and the club sells an average of 1,900 per season.

The pie has perfectly spiced chunks of tender chicken with onions, potato and peppers in a creamy curry sauce that has been wrapped up in shortcrust pastry.

"Our partnership with Chunk of Devon has enabled us to provide a locally produced and sourced premium pie at a value for money price," Clive Harrison, Exeter's Director of Supporter Engagement said.

"The range of pies together with our own recipe Chunk Grecian Pastie have proved very popular with supporters.

"Since moving to Chunk at the start of the 21/22 season sales have increased and supporter feedback has been overwhelmingly positive helping to further improve our supporters' matchday experience."

Brighton & Hove Albion

Pie selected: Steak & Harvey's Ale Pie

Price: £4.40

According to pie supplier, Piglet's Pantry, a classic steak and ale pie has captured the hearts of fans at the Amex Stadium while Chicken Gammon & Leek Pie comes a close second.

Photo credit: Piglet's Pantry

In August 2021, one in four Brighton fans tucked into a pie during their opening game against Watford. It means more than 7,500 people chose to eat a homemade pie.

Piglet's Pantry - the official matchday sponsor of Brighton - they sell around two million pies per season but informed Planet Sport that not all of the profits made will be going into their bank account.

"Piglet's Pantry have signed as Official Matchday Pie sponsor of Brighton & Hove Albion, and have committed to donating 10% of sales of their best-selling mixed pie box to the club's official charity, Albion in the Community, between now and the end of the football season," a spokesperson said.

Bristol Rovers

Pie selected: Steak & blue cheese pie

Price: £4

The League Two club's biggest pie sellers are the highbrow sounding steak and blue cheese.

Iain Paterson - head of catering for the club - revealed 4,250 pies have already been consumed so far this season.

He said: "We have always sold pastry products. It is the easiest product to supply to fans with the equipment we have on site as the Memorial Stadium is an old ground. The products are popular as we try and use quality products that are good value for money."

Throughout March, fans will be able to get stuck into a minced beef, bacon and cheese pie which is the pie of the month. Paterson said it was his favourite pie of the season. All of the pies provided at the football ground are made by Piglets, who are based in Sussex.

MK Dons

Pie selected: Chicken, gammon and leek pie

Price: £3.50

Credit: MK Dons
Credit: MK Dons

The Dons really are dons when it comes to pies.

They have offered steak and concrete cow ale pie, chicken, gammon and leek pie and spinach, mushroom and ricotta pie.

According to Pierate, MK Dons produce one of the best pies in the UK with the chicken, gammon and leek pie getting the best review.

The reviewers stated that the chicken was nice and tender, the gammon had been cooked perfectly, and the leek and white sauce complemented the flavours.

"The pie was packed with a nice blend of chicken and gammon in a light bechamel sauce, spread well throughout the pie filling. The chicken was lovely and tender, the gammon not too chewy and the leek complemented the flavour well with the white sauce.

"The consistency of the filling was good for a handheld pie and balanced the crisp pastry well.

"Overall a top quality filling and while the rim, side and the base pastry was a little too dry and crisp for my liking, I'm sure many would love this pastry and it is well deserving of Pierate Highly Recommended status."

Is anyone else feeling hungry now?

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