'Where are these tickets?', Jurgen Klopp criticises Champions League final ticket allocation

The Stade de Frace boasts a capacity of just over 80,000, yet Real Madrid and Liverpool are set to receive less than 20,000 each for their supporters.

Liverpool reached a third Champions League final in just five years earlier this week, with Jurgen Klopp's side seeing off Villarreal in the final four to book their spot in the showpiece.

There, they'll face Real Madrid, who edged past Manchester City in dramatic fashion on Wednesday evening.

But with the final now all set and scheduled for May 28, both Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters were shocked to find out each club had only been handed around 20,000 tickets each.

The Stade de France has a capacity of 80,698 but UEFA have decided to reserve over 35,000 tickets away from fanbases.

It's a decision that has faced criticism across the sporting world, with Jurgen Klopp in particular questioning the reasoning.

"Now when you see the ticket prices and all that kind of stuff, the amount of tickets you get… is it right that we only get 20,000, they get 20,000 and there's 75,000 in?" said Klopp.

"That makes 35,000 (left over) what? Where are these tickets?

"The tickets are really expensive and I cannot be more appreciative or more thankful of what the people are doing."

Klopp previously encouraged Liverpool fans to travel to Basel with or without a ticket when the Reds reached the Europa League final back in the 2015/16 season, and the German coach has once again urged his fanbase to create an atmosphere in Paris.

"I hope they all can make it somehow and can create - of course they will - an incredible atmosphere. It's nice," he added.

"If you don't get a ticket - I don't want to invite people to Paris but this time it's big enough and I did this last time for Basel in Switzerland and it was 'Oops'.

"But I think Paris is big enough to go there without a ticket and have a good time, behave yourself but be in the best possible mood.

"These kind of things are a great thing and if you can't go there then watch it here in any kind of surrounding, it will be absolutely fantastic.

"It's difficult to get there and whoever followed us all the time or only one time I can only say 'thank you very much, you have made it really special'.

"Wherever we were, they made it our ground. The boys won all the away games in this campaign which is absolutely incredible because we had so much support where we were."

The Champions League final will have to be temporarily put to the back of Liverpool's minds though, with a tough test against Tottenham in the Premier League up next.

With Spurs chasing top four still this season, it's all to play for at Anfield, where there will no doubt be an electric atmosphere.

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