July 20 Social Zone: Remembering an iconic Ali moment as we count down to Tokyo

Excitement mounts with the Olympics opening ceremony just three days away, while Alexis Sanchez takes ball juggling to a whole different place.

OLYMPICS: With the opening ceremony for Tokyo only three days away, here's a throwback to 25 years ago when the one and only Muhammad Ali lit the flame in Atlanta.

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OLYMPICS: Guess that means Great Britain will have to rely on Gillian Gilks for a badminton medal then.

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SOCCER: Alexis Sanchez providing a tremendous boost for the Immingham tourist board.

SOCCER: Turns out Italian striker Ciro Immobile is a lot shorter in real life.

SOCCER: This is a birthday Shrewsbury boss Steve Cotterill thought he might never see after a six-month battle with COVID that saw him spend close to 50 days in hospital.

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SOCCER: In years to come, Lionel Messi will sit his grandchildren down on his knee and tell them all the great feats he achieved and great goals he scored during his long career for Barcelona and Argentina. And only when he says he was once in a Pepsi commercial with Jack Wilshere will they stop believing him.

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TENNIS: I presume this is some kind of living the dream post from Nick Kyrgios but, and I don't like to boast, our paddling pool is bigger than that.

It does take a hell of a long time to fill, though, so maybe he is winning.