Social Zone: Jordan Henderson plays mind games with Man City, plus Paddy Kenny winds up Wayne Rooney

Jordan Henderson couldn't resist starting mind games with title rivals Man City, plus former QPR shotstopper Paddy Kenny had his fun with Wayne Rooney's conspiracy about the 2012 title win.

After Wayne Rooney began to question Manchester City's dramatic Premier League title win back in 2012, former QPR goalkeeper Paddy Kenny couldn't resist winding up the Manchester United legend on Twitter.

You have to admit, a Premier League playoff would be a superb way to end the season. But I don't fancy our chances of seeing these results on Sunday...

With play-offs happening up and down the country over the last week, we've all seen a number of pitch invasions as teams begin to book their spot in Wembley.

The linesman in the Huddersfield Town vs Luton match was so prepared for it that he decided to give up on the final 10 seconds of the match...

Ahead of the final Premier League fixtures, Jordan Henderson revealed that he doesn't bother watching Manchester City's matches as they're "never nice to watch".

Shots fired from the Liverpool captain - mind games at play already?

When will managers learn that bringing on a player solely for a penalty shootout doesn't work? There's been countless examples in the last year alone, and Aaron Ramsey joined them after missing the only spot kick in the Europa League final last night.

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