February 19 Social Zone: Kit reveal fails to have positive impact on embittered CF Montreal fans

With Thierry Henry Bournemouth-bound, maybe a new jersey would lift spirits...

SOCCER: Poor CF Montreal fans. Hated the name change, hated the logo change, Thierry Henry on his way and now this monstrosity.

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SOCCER: Remember this guy on the left? He still plays soccer apparently.

SOCCER: Brazilian side Santos celebrate a win. Have they not heard of Adele?

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SOCCER: Toronto FC's Jozy Altidore channels his inner Sheldon.

FOOTBALL: It was a case of last man standing as Indianapolis Colts landed quarterback Carson Wentz from the Eagles.

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TENNIS: Rafael Nadal is on his way home from Australia after his shock collapse in the Australian Open. Here's a chance to check out his luggage.

BASKETBALL: The moment LeBron James reached the 35,000 points mark, only the third player in NBA history to do so. It being a free throw probably takes the gloss off a little.

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