US Open Pool: Shane van Boening says it’s not his ‘responsibility’ to help rival after dramatic win

Shane van Boening has given his reaction following his first round victory over Joseph Tate in the US Open.

The pool legend avoided a scare against the teenager as he progressed to the next round of the tournament at the Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. 

Van Boening was pushed all the way by the fearless youngster and ended up winning in rather controversial circumstances.

Tate, who is just 17-years-old and is considered by many as a rising star in the sport, led at various moments to put Van Boening on the periphery of the losers side of the draw.

At 7-7, Tate was at the table and looked to have a routine run out, only to pot the wrong ball. Van Boening watched on from the side and allowed his opponent to make the error before picking up the ball-in hand and clearing the table.

With that, the world number one got to the hill only to scratch on the break. Tate failed to make the error pay as Van Boening came through, winning 9-7.

The reaction to the match has been mixed, with some on social media accusing Van Boening of bad sportsmanship, considering he didn't speak up when his opponent approached the wrong ball.

However, the South Dakota Kid refuted those claims, saying it's not his responsibility to help his rival in a tournament with $50,000 on the line.

Writing on his Facebook page, he said: "It's unfortunate it happen to Joey Tate, especially he was about to go on the hill. I did that once in my career and never done it again.

"From my experience, I seen this happen to other players on shooting wrong ball. It's not opponent or my responsibility to tell the shooter what ball to shoot at any time. Its common or happens a lot in game of 8 ball the players shooting the wrong group.

"Especially we're playing a major tourney, ranking points on the line, world rankings on the line, 50k on the line and Barry Behrman trophy, in a pressure situation like today, I chose not to help my opponent….

"I'm sure Joey learned from this. Most likely 99% it will never happen to him again. He's young, on a learning stage and many years to come. All the best to the kid and keep on shooting straight."

Van Boening will now turn his attention to Mosconi Cup teammate Tyler Styer in the next round.

Photo Credit: Taka G.Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport

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