Mosconi Cup: Team Europe claim nineball glory as Joshua Filler downs USA with MVP display

Team Europe claimed their third straight Mosconi Cup title after beating USA 11-7 in Las Vegas.

The Europeans rattled off three straight victories on the final day of the event to seal the victory in front of a capacity crowd. 

Joshua Filler potted the final nineball as Europe lifted the Mosconi Cup for the 15th time since the event's inception.

For the United States, the margin of defeat was smaller than the last two years, though the result continues their poor run.

Team USA have won just three Mosconi Cups in the last 16 years and will need to overcome a hostile European crowd if they are to end that run in 12 months' time.

Glimmer of hope comes to bitter end

The fourth and final day of action began with the United States 8-6 down in the race to 11.

In the opening match, Shane Van Boening and Skyler Woodward teamed up to take on Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and David Alcaide in the fans' choice doubles match.

Woodward got his team off to a great start with an excellent 2-9 combo. However, just moments later SVB failed to land a tricky 8-ball in the second rack which allowed the Europeans to level the score. 

Van Boening quickly atoned for his error with a quality jump shot in the third rack which helped the USA to regain their advantage.

The Americans soon found themselves on the hill and they capitalised on a missed 5-ball from Europe to clear the table and make it 8-7 in the race for the Mosconi Cup.

From that point on, singles matches would determine the ultimate victors and it was Woodward against Alcaide which kicked things off.

The American moved 3-1 up against the Spaniard following an eye-catching 2-9 combo in the fourth rack.

However, the tide soon turned as Woodward failed to land a jump shot on the 5-ball in the sixth rack, allowing Alcaide to come back from behind.

The Spaniard went from being on the brink of 4-1 down to claiming a sublime victory over USA's former MVP.

Next up was a classic Mosconi Cup fixture between SVB and Jayson Shaw. In a game full of twists and turns, it was the Scotsman who came back from 2-1 down to lead 4-2.

The South Dakota Kid offered some resistance, but ultimately it was Shaw who romped home and brought Europe within one point of nineball pool supremacy.

Team USA put their faith in Tyler Styer who took on Joshua Filler in the next match.

Once again, the United Stated made a great start as the Baby Faced Killer capitalised on Filler's errors to take a 2-1 lead.

Those errors soon switched allegiances as Filler worked his way back into the contest and took a sensational 4-3 lead.

The German was clearing the table in comfortable fashion when a missed 6-ball gave Styer late hope.

The American was able to pot balls six and seven before being faced with a relatively straightforward 8-ball shot into the corner.

However, the 27-year-old failed to deliver under tremendous pressure and was punished by Filler who cleared the table to win the event.

The 25-year-old German was voted the event's MVP as his teammates jumped on the table to celebrate their latest victory.

Europe will now look to defend their crown yet again when the 30th anniversary of the competition takes place at Alexandra Palace in 2023.

Photo Credit: Matchroom Pool

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