Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte news: 'Stupid games' detailed as fight thrown into doubt

Dillian Whyte's lawyer Jeffrey Benz has claimed the domestic heavyweight clash between his client and Tyson Fury may not even go ahead.

The battle of Britain is scheduled to take place at Wembley on April 23 with Dillian Whyte getting his shot at a world title for the first time in his career.

But Benz, has thrown the fight into doubt and says "you never know what will happen" (with Fury) after revealing that Queensbury Promotions are trying to control his man.

Whyte has been upset at the prospect of receiving just a 20 per cent split of the purse, as directed by the WBC.

The Brixton fighter waited until just hours remaining on the deadline to sign the deal to fight Fury and refused to take part in the first press conference.

Benz told talkSPORT: "Dillian is focused on fighting, he's straightforward in that regard, he's assuming the fight will go forward, but you never what will happen with this opponent at the last minute.

"But Dillian is doing his thing. It'll be an exciting fight, if it goes forward - probably the fight of the decade. You just don't know [if the fight will go ahead]."

Benz also explained why Whyte decided not to attend the first promotional event for the fight earlier this month.

"Let's call it what it was, it was a ticket launch event, it wasn't a fight press conference. Dillian didn't attend as they didn't give him any more than his purse money that he gets just for fighting to attend," said Benz.

"We asked for a bunch of things, they didn't come forward on any of them - only the private jet to minimise disruption to training and stop catching Covid.

"But they didn't even given us notice of where and when this one-sided shindig will occur. It really is incredible.

"We are dealing with dinosaurs here. They bid $41m for a fight but are all over the place. They haven't even met Dillian's basic requirements which are entirely usual and nothing out of the ordinary.

"Frank Warren won a purse bid and won the right for Dillian Whyte to fight Tyson Fury, he didn't win the right to control Dillian Whyte, he doesn't own Dillian Whyte.

"Dillian Whyte will come forward trained, focused and ready to beat Tyson Fury on fight day. My job is to make sure he gets that opportunity and it happens and the risk to Dillian is minimised, but we have some serious concerns about that."

'Fury doesn't know what to do'

Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) has been in Portugal training for the fight with unbeaten champion Fury.

He has largely remained silent in the build-up, despite being goaded by Fury.

Whyte has yet to acknowledge the fight is taking place on his social media accounts and promoter Eddie Hearn, who has worked with Whyte in the past, believes Fury has lost control.

"It is non-stop arguments between the camps on so many different points, so I just hope they get in the ring and hopefully Dillian gets a shot," Hearn said.

"I don't think Tyson Fury knows where he is with it all. He normally likes to be in control.

"But Dillian is working hard and just taking the control away from Tyson Fury and he doesn't know what to do, I guess.

'Stupid games'

Meanwhile, Benz says Whyte and his team's life are being made extremely difficult by Frank Warren's Queensbury Promotions.

Benz says Warren has reverted to "stupid games" ahead of the blockbuster showdown.

"We haven't spoken to Frank [Warren] or George [Warren] for a month," Benz told talkSPORT.

"I had a total of a three-minute conversation with Frank, he called me. Everything we've asked for is normal, standard, commercial; it's not outlandish or outrageous.

"[Their behaviour is] like nothing I've ever seen. We don't have a single ticket for Dillian, his entourage, his mum or anybody else. Contrary to what [Frank] Warren said, we didn't ask for complimentary tickets equal to the total number of ringside seats; we asked for 25 ringside seats. It's normal, it's what we give to Dillian's opponents.

"We have been given nothing. We've asked for credentials for his security team and video team.

"They've given us the bare minimum. We spent weeks asking them to tell us the size of the ring. Imagine if Crystal Palace travel to Chelsea and they don't know the size of the pitch?

"It's been stupid games, it was like pulling tooth and nail. [They're] trying to stack the deck in favour of Fury."

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