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KSI elbows his way into all-British mega-fight with Tommy Fury by exposing Joe Fournier

KSI demolished Joe Fournier - albeit via a controversial knockout - to set up a huge all-British bout with Love Island star Tommy Fury...

YouTube-turned-boxer KSI produced his best performance to date against Joe Fournier and he's now set to clash with British rival Tommy Fury…
KSI stepped up to fight Fournier in the main event of Misfits 007 at Wembley Arena on Saturday night.
Fans of the social media sensation flocked to the packed-out arena to witness him pass his latest test with flying colours.

KSI had previously only fought opponents with limited boxing experience and Fournier was rightly considered to be a foe who could truly test his credentials in the YouTube boxing scene.

Fournier is perhaps better known for being a billionaire, but he has been a professional boxer since 2012. He headed into the bout with KSI with a 9-0 record (his other fight ended as a no-contest).

He was last in the ring in September 2021 as he had a glorified spar over eight rounds with his close friend David Haye. The former heavyweight champion toyed with his dance partner that night while carrying him to the distance.

Fournier's acumen looks good on paper and those not accustomed to how padded records work in boxing may have been fearful that KSI was in over his head with this fight.
But the latest Misfits main event afforded KSI the perfect opportunity to showcase his skills while exposing Fournier as a fraud in his cash-out fight before he laughed his way to the bank.
KSI dominated the opening round while he worked out his adversary, who resembled a punching bag for much of the short contest.
The crowd favourite was unable to land heavily on his opponent in the opening round, but Fournier was rocked by a flush overhand right in the second.
KSI smelt blood and went for the finish right away. One final blow was going to be enough to end the contest and it is a shame for him and the event how that came about.
While on the inside, KSI was unable to land a vicious right hook and on the follow through he caught Fournier on the chin with his forearm/elbow.
This was not immediately clear as KSI, his team and the crowd erupted into huge celebrations with Fournier broken on the canvas. But replays showed that the knockout came via an illegal blow.
KSI will undoubtedly have his critics in the aftermath of this win, and in normal circumstances, the result will be overturned so it is a no-contest.
But those who claim this blow was intentional (Fournier, in particular) are foolish. It was an accidental fight-ending collision that unfortunately will take some glamour away from a sensational performance from KSI.
Fournier was out on his feet after the overhand right and a knockout loss was inevitable as soon as that punch landed.
The controversial outcome should not change the script. Fournier was clinically picked apart by his youthful rival, who continues to prove that he is one of the best boxers in the YouTube scene.

His long-running feud with Jake Paul continues to rumble away in the background, with that fight being YouTube boxing's equivalent to Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

But with Paul facing UFC great Nate Diaz next, KSI is turning his attention to pulling off something his YouTube rival couldn't; beating Tommy Fury.
The Love Island star was placed at ringside along with his outspoken father - John Fury - for most of the Misfits card.
Tommy had a busy evening as he clashed with professional boxer Idris Virgo before coming face-to-face with KSI in the ring after the main event.
Fury is by no means a high-level professional boxer, but he showed in his last fight that he is levels above Paul. There is a lot of money on the table for the Brit in this sphere and with him unlikely to achieve anything of note as a traditional boxer, he is wise to pursue making millions as the killer of YouTube boxing.
You have to admire KSI's guts for taking this fight. He thrives on proving people wrong and it would be considered a shock if he defeats Fury.
Fury vs Paul was entertaining for what it was and considering KSI throws far more punches than Jake, he will likely be a tougher test for Tommy.
KSI could still come out of his next fight smelling of roses even if he does not beat Fury. He only needs to give a better account of himself than Paul to earn a mental victory ahead of their fight.
'The Nightmare' certainly has the speed and power to trouble Fury, who was dropped by a stiff jab from Paul last time out.
It is the fight which makes the most sense for both men. They could potentially sell out a stadium this summer, do huge numbers at PPV and earn a shedload of money in the process.
You really can't fault both men and at a time when boxing's biggest fights often do not get made; Misfits, KSI, Fury and Paul are showing the mainstream how the sport should be run.

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