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Super Bowl LVII: Andy Reid wants the Chiefs to 'blank out the hype' ahead of Eagles game

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid will be facing his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, at Super Bowl LVII but has emphasised the importance of ignoring all the hype.

Reid led his Chiefs team to the final showdown of the NFL season by knocking out the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game.
In so doing, the experienced NFL coach set up a meeting with a team he marshalled from 1999 to 2012.
This storyline is sure to further spice up interest around the spectacle that is the Super Bowl, but a wizened Reid knows that avoiding these distractions will benefit his team's chances the most.
"I think, when you really cut to the chase on it, they're a really good football team and so, I think that's where the energy goes because really when it's kickoff, you're playing that team," Reid told the media.
"It's the players that you're going against and the coaches and so the uniform, (and) all that's not where your mind's at.
"Your minds at making sure you have a solid game plan and that you come out and you can perform to the best of our ability.
"That's I think where the major focus goes, and you try to - it doesn't matter who you're playing - you try to blank out all the hype that goes with the game.
"It's a pretty big game for everybody, you guys included, it's a big, big deal. It's the Super Bowl.
"But you try to blank that out and make sure that you're getting the game plan - what really matters - together."

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