San Francisco 49ers quarterback job 'a toss up' between Trey Lance & Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle says it's a toss up between Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance for the starting quarterback job.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback conundrum seems no clearer as we head into the summer.
Niners tight end George Kittle says it's still the "million dollar question" whether Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance will be the starter.

Garoppolo has gone from Tom Brady's back-up in New England to lead the Niners to the NFC Championship game in two of the last three years - going to one Super Bowl.

There are still questions over his ability though, leading San Francisco to trade three first-round draft picks to get Lance in the 2021 NFL Draft.
Garoppolo kept his job last season, but Lance was expected to take the reins this year.

Will the 49ers start Lance or Garoppolo?

As of yet, though, both remain with the team and Kittle says nobdoy really knows who is the starter.
"That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?" Kittle told Pro Football Talk.
"That's one reason I'm glad I'm not the head coach of the 49ers. That's all on coach Shanahan.
"I'll give you both ways. Jimmy G, awesome in the huddle, great leader, directs guys. People go to attention when he's talking.
"He's got a quick release, he knows the offense. Like I said, been to two NFC Championship games, knows what he's doing.
"Trey Lance can run, extend plays, does all the play-action stuff incredible, could throw the ball 70 yards. I don't know.
"It's a toss-up for me."

Will San Francisco trade away Garoppolo?

Garoppolo was expected to be traded, but offseason shoulder surgery made that a tougher deal to make.

And Kittle says that the team could succeed with either man under centre, adding that the competition could actually help.

"As long as they're throwing me the football, it is what it is," Kittle added.
"Football is a competitive sport. If there's not competition, if you're not fighting for your starting job every single day, then you're not going to get any better.
"It was nice to see those two push each other all year. I think Trey learned a lot from Jimmy.
"If Trey is the starter and if there's growing pains, hey, so be it. I think we have good enough players around him to help him succeed.
"I think we have plenty of players around him to help him succeed."
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