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NFL news: Kyler Murray's Arizona Cardinals contract includes clause requiring him to study

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray recently agreed to a five-year extension worth an estimated $230million, but it requires him to study four hours each week.

One of the major sub-plots this off-season has been whether Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals will come to an agreement over a deal.
The 24-year-old was drafted first overall by the Cards back in 2019, and has grown to become their franchise quarterback.
But there's been plenty of criticism fired his way over his lack of maturity and poor work ethic - something the Cardinals were keen to stomp out in his new contract.
Having come to an agreement over his salary, both parties finally found an agreement earlier this month, with Murray signing a five-year extension worth $230million to keep him in Arizona until 2027.
But while Murray will be pleased to see his financial demands met, the Cardinals insisted that a clause be added to the contract regarding Murray's study time.
It was reported on Monday that a clause is included for Murray to "complete at least four hours of independent study each week".
The clause exists for every week of every playing season throughout the contract, only excluding bye weeks.
The ammendum details that 'independent work', will be handed to him by the team to help him prepare for the upcoming game plan.
With the Cardinals keen to improve Murray's leadership and maturity as QB1, its certainly a unique yet impactful way of helping him to improve.
Time will tell whether or not its a successful method or not, with the Cardinals kicking off their season on September 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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