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NFL: New Los Angeles Chargers OC Kellen Moore 'really excited' to work with Justin Herbert

New Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is thrilled about the prospect of working with quarterback Justin Herbert.

Moore was barely out the door at the Dallas Cowboys before the Chargers offered him a contract to help revitalise their offense after a disappointing result in the Super Wild Card Weekend, where they lost after leading by 27 points.
Herbert will naturally be central to the offensive rebuild ahead of next season, and Moore praised the 24-year-old the first opportunity he had.
"Justin, we know the physical talent," Moore told reporters during his introductory news conference.
"He obviously does a tremendous job. I think it's been really cool to watch him, from a fundamental perspective, as he's gone from Oregon into the NFL and transitioned, and started playing under center.
"He has done such a phenomenal job of that, and the play-action game, the movement game.
"We know his ability to throw it down the field. I'm just really, really excited to be able to work with him and, hopefully, help him in some way as he continues to build the career that he is going to have."
The Chargers finished second in the AFC West with a 10-7-0 record.

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