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NFL: Miami Dolphins duo Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa believe offence chemistry will be 'on point'

Miami Dolphins' trade for Tyreek Hill has added another string to their offensive bow, and the receiver believes he'll form a formidable partnership with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

The Miami Dolphins splashed the cash on former Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill this offseason, bolstering their receiving corps with one of the fastest and most dangerous wide-outs in the NFL.

They've also kept faith with Hawaiian-born quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who is hoping to stamp his authority as a franchise quarterback this season.

With Hill as an added option in his offence, there's every chance Tagovailoa and the Dolphins could shine in the upcoming season, and Hill is confident that he can whip up a good partnership with his new quarterback.
The pair have already been seen training together multiple times, and Hill has quickly become one of Tua's biggest fans, even going as far as to say that he's a more accurate passer than the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes.
When asked about their budding friendship, Tua mocked critics that have targetted his passing ability.
"I don't think [the chemistry is] good enough," Tagovailoa said.
"I've been underthrowing him so many times. I'm just saying. I've been underthrowing him so many times. ... He got people talking about how I can't throw the deep ball."
Hill opted for a more serious outlook on their partnership, and insisted he's going to try everything possible to form a bond with his new QB1.
"It's all good, man. I just feel like our chemistry will get there, man," Hill said.
"It's gonna be about 2 a.m. one night, and you're gonna wake up. You're gonna walk in your kitchen, and I'm gonna be washing your dishes. That's how good our chemistry is gonna be.
"You gonna be like 'Reek, what you doing in here?' I'm gonna be like 'Man, look. I'm trying to get that chemistry and that bond together.
"So you know where I'm at all the time on the field, so if I run a 60-yard route and decide to turn into a comeback, I just need the ball right there. Our chemistry gonna be on point. Just believe that."
With heavy investment over the summer, the Dolphins will be keen to piece together a play-off run in the 2022/23 season.
It's certainly Hill's target ahead of the new season in September.
"We can't only be about talk," Hill said.
"We gotta continue doing what we're doing, We've got to obviously follow the coach's lead and follow your lead, and we just got to let the naysayers do their talking, motivate us, and then play ball on Sundays. Everything else will take care of itself."

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