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Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel insists 'no cause for concern' over Tua Tagovailoa's arm strength

New Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel swatted away any criticism of his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, despite many believing the Hawaiian lacks arm strength.

The Miami Dolphins have undergone some serious change in the offseason, bringing in a new head coach that specialises in offense, as well as making some big changes to their roster including adding star receiver Tyreek Hill to the mix.
But one constant that remains is Tua Tagovailoa's place at quarterback. New head coach Mike McDaniel has thrown his support behind the 24-year-old, who will be under pressure this season to perform.
Heading into his third NFL season, the No.5 pick finally has a stacked offense surrounding him, after two years of transition in Miami.
But while Tagovailoa has impressed many during his two years in the NFL, his inability to throw deep has often attracted criticism.
With Hill's freakish speed now an option for Tua, he'll find himself having to pick out targets further downfield this season, but McDaniel believes his quarterback is capable of completing such plays.
"I think he might've had a 55-yarder today, but that's why you hear no cause for concern at all from the players because they know that, too," said McDaniel.

"He's plenty fast and the great thing is he sees the field. He's not throwing the ball 85 yards, but I don't see the practical application of an 85-yard thrower unless you have the best offensive line in the history of football.

"I'm really excited about the reps that Tua is getting in this offense.
"I'm excited about where he's at. I talked to him and I talked to the team today specifically about just waiting for those moments where you have a slight obstacle, and Tua's very very critical on his ball placement and he's a very accurate quarterback as a result."
Tua added himself that he's aware of the criticism, but that it's his job to zone out from the critics and focus on his game.
"For me, it's just zone that out," Tagovailoa said.
"I mean we come out to practice, everyone else, Twitter warriors, keyboard warriors, whatever you want to call them, they're not out here practicing with us working hard.
The 24-year-old quarterback ended by mentioning a 'money' pass to Hill at the end of a practice session this week, proving that he is capable of going long when needed.
"I don't know if you guys recorded that last one to Tyreek - I don't know about you but that looked like money."
The Dolphins start their season at home, facing a visit from the New England Patriots on September 11.

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