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Working with Sean McVay will bring out the best in me, says LA Rams receiver Allen Robinson

After claimins the Super Bowl last year, Sean McVay will try and steer the side back to the showpiece this year, and Allen Robinson could be a crucial part of his plans.

After enduring frustrating stints with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson has now joined the third franchise of his career, where he'll be looking to finally fulfil his potential.
That franchise is none other than the Los Angeles Rams, who fought back to win the Super Bowl in 2021.
Head coach Sean McVay will now look to mastermind another superb season with the Rams, and Robinson has stated that the 36-year-old coach was one of the main reasons he was attracted by the prospect of the Rams.
"Coach [Sean] McVay and the offense that he's put together and offense that these guys run, it's been a top offense in the league for a reason.
"I truly believe that it'll bring the best out of me, and I'll be able to display all the elements of my game."
The 28-year-old Robinson was considered a huge prospect at both the Jaguars and the Bears, but the franchise's struggles in recent years have hindered his progress.
Now fast approaching the peak of his career, Robinson believes McVay is the perfect coach to unlock that potential and propel Robinson to become one of the NFL's best receivers.
"He allows players to play. He corrects us and things like that, but it's his ability to allow players to play.
"Each and every day we go out there and as we're practicing and things like that, we're able to make corrections and make adjustments based on things that guys are doing right or doing wrong.
"It's his coaching style that truly allows players to play freely and then we just correct off of that. So whenever I step onto the field, I'm able to be myself.
"And if I do mess up something or am wrong here, he'll correct me and we'll just keep it pushing. Every time I step on the field, I feel like I can be and play at my best self."
After back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in which he averaged 100 catches in 2019 and 2020, Robinson endured a frustrating 2021, registering just 38 receptions for 410 yards.
But with Super Bowl-winning Matthew Stafford now providing him passes this season, the one-time Pro Bowler could have a major impact on the Rams' season.

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