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'It's not great news, it's phenomenal', Sean McVay thrilled with Aaron Donald's new $95million deal

The reigning Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams, nailed down Aaron Donald for another three years, with the defensive tackle becoming the highest paid non-quarterback in the NFL.

Immediately after winning the 2021 Super Bowl, the LA Rams knew the most important job during off-season was to tie down Aaron Donald to a new contract.
The franchise did just that earlier this week, with the 31-year-old signing a three-year deal worth $95million.
Donald quite literally pieced together a Super Bowl-winning play back in February, with his pass rush forcing a turnover against the Cincinatti Bengals.

It was Donald's eighth season in the NFL, and the defensive tackle has featured in every edition of the Pro Bowl since his rookie season. He's also a seven-time All-Pro, three-time Defensive Player of the Year and a member of the Hall of Fame's All-2010s team.

He's one of the most crucial cogs to last year's champions, and head coach Sean McVay was absolutely delighted to break the news that he'll be staying for another three seasons.
"It's not great news, it's phenomenal, outstanding, any nice adjective that you can place around it," said McVay.
"But it is, it's a big deal and he's earned it. He truly is one of one in my opinion. Means so much to me, to our organization.
"I think the respect that he's garnered around this league from guys that have done it at such a high level, what he's accomplished through his eight years is unparalleled. And so we wanted to be able to find a solution to, you know, getting him taken care of.
"Having him continue to lead the way for our team, for our defense. And, you know, we had a feeling it was trending in the right direction when he was at my wedding on Saturday night. So, a lot of good things have happened the last couple days for me."
To further add to how important Donald is to the Rams, the 31-year-old boasts the most sacks (98.0), QB hits (226) and tackles for loss (150) in the NFL since his inception into the league in 2014.
His leadership on the field has also contributed to one of the best NFL defences in the league, and him staying will bolster the side's chances of defending their Super Bowl title this season.
"Just look at what he's earned, what his play has merited based on that production and then all the things that you don't see," added McVay.
"The things that you see day in and day out, the way that he works, the consistency at which he works, how he effects and influences the rest of our team and really even me as a coach and the rest of our coaching staff.
"Everything. You're checking all the boxes for what you want for a Ram. He's a special guy."

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