Indianapolis Colts claim reaching postseason would not have stopped Carson Wentz trade

Struggling quarterback was heading out of the door at Indy regardless of regular season outcome, says GM.

The Indianapolis Colts still would have likely traded Carson Wentz even if they had reached the postseason, general manager Chris Ballard has claimed.

Just one year after acquiring Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles for draft pics, the Colts washed their hands of him, dealing him to the Washington Commanders for a loss.

There have been suggestions that if Indy had not had such a poor end to the regular season and had claimed a play-offs place themselves, Wentz would have been retained.

However, Ballard has challenged those suggestions, insisting that he, owner Jim Irsay and coach Frank Reich were all on the same page with Wentz no matter what.

When asked if Wentz would have returned if the Colts had qualified for the postseason, Ballard told ProFootballTalk: "I don't know

"I think we still would've had some hard discussions, just the way we played down the stretch, and we knew we needed to make some improvements in that area.

"But the one thing, I think, Jim and I and Frank, we're all pretty good at, like, when we know something's not a good fit, don't just try to justify it. Let's move forward.

"We all knew we were gonna get egg on our face. That is what it is.

"But at the end of the day, it's about doing the right thing for the organization.

"So I think even if we would've ended up in the playoffs, we would've had some hard discussions going forward."

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