Green Bay Packers legend Aaron Rodgers wants to join the New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers says he was all-but retired until he heard about the Green Bay Packers looking to offload him around the league - as he confirmed his intention to play for the New York Jets next season.

The future of the four-time MVP has been headline news this offseason, and on Wednesday the man himself confirmed the news that Packers fans had been dreading, but New York Jets followers had been dreaming of.
"As of Friday I made it clear that I intended to play on and to play on with the New York Jets," Rodgers told the Pat McAfee Show.
The 39-year-old had been accused of milking the situation and dragging his feet on a decision but insisted that the only thing stopping his move now is the two teams agreeing on a trade package.
"The sticking point is the compensation between the Jets and the Packers. I intend to play for the Jets but I'm under contract with the Packers."
In a feature of the interview, Rodgers revealed that he felt when he walked off at Lambeau Field at the end of last season that he was done with the NFL.

Packers force Rodgers into retirement re-think

After going through his well-publicised darkness retreat, Rodgers says that he entered the process 90% certain he'd retire, but the fact that the Packers seemed to be actively seeking to trade him away forced a re-think.
"Everything I was told was to take as long as you want, we want you to retire as a Packer," Rodgers added of his end-of-season conversations with Green Bay.
"When I came out of the darkness something changed. I realised there'd been a bit of a shift - I heard from people I trust around the league that there was some shopping going on, that they were interested in moving me on.
"Going into the darkness I was focused on retiring and 90-10 sure about retirement. When I came out it was clear to me that Green Bay wanted to move on, I don't know what had changed.
"So I've shifted my focus to what playing on would look like. They gave permission to the Jets and they came over, we had a nice conversation.
"I love Green Bay, I just wish that had been the conversation right from the start - just tell me that you wanted to move on because I'm big on straight communication."

What will Aaron Rodgers' trade value be?

Attention will now turn to the Jets and Packers to see what kind of deal can be struck between the two.
Matt Stafford and Russell Wilson are the two big quarterback trades of the last few years, with both going for two first-round picks among other picks and players.
Both of those players are five years young than Rodgers, but neither of them is Aaron Rodgers - widely regarded as the most talented quarterback of his generation and with no visible drop-off in his arm strength.
Now playing with a chip on his shoulder from the Packers wanting to move on to Jordan Love, who they drafted as his replacement three years ago, the Jets will be getting a nailed-in Hall of Famer with a point to prove.
While that may not garner as much as Stafford or Wilson did, Green Bay will still expect some decent compensation as they bring the Rodgers era to a close after 15 years of their greatest-ever player.

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