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'We only talk about people on our team', LV Raiders coach stays silent on Colin Kaepernick workout

Colin Kaepernick was worked out by the Las Vegas Raiders this week, but head coach Josh McDaniels stayed silent when asked how the 34-year-old performed.

Colin Kaepernick is edging closer to an NFL return, six years on from his final season with the San Francisco 49ers.

The quarterback was one of the first athletes to take the knee during the pre-game national anthem, and Kaepernick believes his protests for racial inequality have caused teams to hold back from signing him.

But after sitting on the sidelines for much of his peak years, Kaepernick was handed a chance to impress this week by the Las Vegas Raiders, who invited him for a workout.

However, when Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels was asked about Kaepernick's performance, the 46-year-old declined to comment.
"Just by standard procedure, we will only talk about the people that are on our team," said McDaniels.
"Dave [Ziegler] and his staff have worked out tons of guys this spring, and we really don't make comments about the evaluations that we've made - or what they look like, what they didn't look like.
"They're kind of private for us as we look at things to try to make decisions to make the team better."
Kaepernick was recently seen holding a throwing exhibition during halftime of the University of Michigan's spring game back at the start of April.
Having clearly done enough to catch the eye of NFL scouts that day, reports so far suggest that Kaepernick's workout performance with the Raiders went well.
"If there's an opportunity to improve the team, we've said it from Day 1 that we would look at every opportunity," McDaniels added.
"He's not the first player that we've looked at, and not the last one. There's going to be a lot of people that are going to come in and out of this building. The evaluations we make are private for us, and if we make a decision to add someone to the team then we'll do it."
"There's nothing more important than that position," McDaniels said. "So when people say you know you've got it established, we certainly do. The next guy in line, you don't really talk about him until he's the most important guy in your organization when the starter gets hurt.
"We're encouraging the competition right now."

With four months still to go until the start of the 2022/23 NFL season, the Raiders would have plenty of time to bring Kaepernick into the squad and freshen him up before the start of the season.

The Raiders open up their season with a trip to the Los Angeles Chargers on September 11.

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