2022 NFL Draft: All you need to know including who will be No.1 pick and the top QB prospects

Planet Sport has the 2022 NFL Draft covered as we look at who needs what, options for number one overall, the top QB prospects and moments in history.

Behind the Super Bowl, the NFL Draft is the second-biggest event in the sport as it's the time when all 32 teams have one thing - hope.

And unlike in other sports, they're all entitled to hope that they can go from average, ordinary, and even terrible in one season to challenging for the Lombardi Trophy.

Just look at the Cincinnati Bengals, who hadn't won a playoff game for over 30 years until last season when they made it all the way to the Super Bowl.

And the Bengals did that on the back of top Draft picks Joe Burrow at quarterback and Ja'Marr Chase at receiver - so making the right picks over these next three days could transform an entire franchise's fortunes.

On the flip side, the Bengals were beaten in the Super Bowl by the Los Angeles Rams - who have virtually abandoned the Draft by trading away their picks to sign established players, and it worked a treat.

The Rams yet again don't have a first-round pick this year, they're not involved until the third round, like the Miami Dolphins who are trying to follow that model - but most clubs are still looking at the cream of the college crop to give them an edge.

When is the 2022 NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft starts on Thursday April 28 with the first round of 32 picks taking place, as these will be the star players of the future the first round takes place on its own.

Friday night contains the second and third rounds before the Saturday has rounds four to seven, which might sound relatively meaningless but there are plenty of good NFL players that have gone in the later rounds.

After all, Tom Brady went in round six!

Where is the 2022 NFL Draft being held?

Originally scheduled for 2020, the NFL Draft will finally hit Las Vegas after being relocated the last two years due to Covid-19, but it will get the full treatment this time around.

Slap bang in the heart of the famous Las Vegas Strip - the player announcements will be held at the Draft Threatre, which will be located next to Caesers Forum so will have that genuine Vegas feel.

How does the NFL Draft work?

Every team in the NFL is allocated a spot between 1-32 depending on their record the year before, so the worst team in the league, the Jacksonville Jaguars, get the first pick in each round with the champion Los Angeles Rams getting the 32nd and final pick.

There are seven rounds of selection taking place over three days in Las Vegas.

Picks can be traded away at any time when agreeing deals for players, hence why the Rams haven't had a first-round pick since 2016 and aren't scheduled to have another until 2024.

Trades can also occur on the night, so if a team gets desperate and thinks their top target may go somewhere else, they can swap picks with another team and offer them extra ones from this or another year to move up.

The Chiefs and Jags have the most picks with 12, the Dolphins only have four, while eight teams have two first-round picks, so the Chiefs, Packers, Jets, Giants, Eagles, Saints, Lions and Texans can all make big improvements if they get it right.

See the full 2020 NFL Draft order here

Who will the Jaguars take as the first pick?

Jacksonville had the first pick last year as well, and while it's not quite the double you want, it does give them a chance to bolster their roster and look to improve.

Last year's top pick Trevor Lawrence never really had a chance to show what he can do, but he looks a quality QB to build around so they need to decide whether they want to protect him with an offensive lineman or try and improve their pass rush.

Aidan Hutchinson or Travon Walker could really boost their defence, while Evan Neal and Ikem 'Ickey' Ekwonu are the top prospects for protecting Lawrence.

Look at the top candidates to be the number one pick in the NFL Draft

Who are the top quarterbacks in the NFL Draft?

It's not being viewed as a classic class of QBs, certainly not like last year when all five of those drafted in the first round would probably be the first off the board this year.

That's not to say there's no quality there though, and there are plenty of QB needy teams in the NFL, so the likes of the talented Malik Willis could well go pretty high up.

With the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers in particular need they could select a QB, while the Detroit Lions could even be tempted to use their second pick to get someone to challenge Jared Goff.

Kenny Pickett is seen as an instant starter while Desmond Ridder could go a lot higher up than many people expect.

Take a close look at the top QB prospects from the 2022 NFL Draft

Pick 199: Why did Tom Brady go so low and what QBs went before him?

Can you name 198 NFL players who are better than Tom Brady? No, didn't think so, but in the 2000 NFL Draft that's how many players the brains trusts of the 32 teams thought they'd pick ahead of him.

Of course, Brady didn't have a stellar college career, he didn't look like an athlete and he ran one of the slowest NFL Combine sprint times ever, but still...

The New England Patriots finally picked him, essentially as a back-up, but once he got his shot he went on to become the GOAT with seven Super Bowl rings, and counting.

Why did he go so low though? Where there any signs at all of his impending greatness?

Read more on the QBs who were picked ahead of Brady and why he was only picked at 199.

NFL Draft day drama

Tom Brady's selection seems crazy now, but didn't at the time. Aaron Rodgers though suffered a much worse time at the NFL Draft as he was expected to go first but slid all the way down to 24.

We sat and watched as this top prospect watched his future slipping away as team after team decided against picking him - it meant for awkward but must-see TV.

So did Eli Manning's forced smile after being drafted by the Chargers but having no intention of playing for them, with the team having to scurry around looking for a trade.

Then there's the Minnesota Vikings not getting their pick in on time - two years running!

We take a look at some of the biggest dramas from the NFL Draft over the years.

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