Wimbledon to hand out record prize fund despite no ranking points being awarded

Wimbledon will hand out no ranking points this summer, but the third Grand Slam of the year will hand out a record prize fund of £40.35million to the participants.

Despite Wimbledon controversially being stripped of all ranking points due to the country's stance on banning Russian and Belarusian athletes, the Grand Slam will hand out a record-breaking prize fund of £40.35million.

The winners of the men's and women's singles tournaments will take home £2million, while the runners-up are guaranteed over £1million.

Even those knocked out in the first round of the Grand Slam will earn a handy £50,000 for their participation.

Wimbledon's total prize fund is up 11.1% from the 2021 event, and 5.4% up from the last pre-Covid tournament in 2019.

The decision to strip ranking points resulted in many speculating about tennis' top stars pulling out of the tournament, but the increased prize pool could ensure that the sport's best are still in action.

Naomi Osaka is one of many high profile starts that have been outspoken about her doubts about participating in the tournament, but it's yet to be confirmed who will compete.

Wimbledon chairman Ian Hewitt spoke about the record-breaking prize pool, and stated that the rewards reflect how important the players are to the tournament.

"From the first round of the qualifying competition to the champions being crowned, this year's prize money distribution aims to reflect just how important the players are to The Championships as we look to continue to deliver one of the world's leading sporting events," said Hewitt.

Andy Murray will hope to be fit and ready to compete in the tournament he has won twice throughout his career, while British No.1 Emma Raducanu faces a race to be fit after retiring from her recent outing in Nottingham.

Wimbledon is scheduled to start on June 27.

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