Venus Williams suggests she will play more in 2023

Venus Williams has refused to announce her retirement from tennis despite moving towards her 43rd birthday.

Williams is the oldest player ranked by the WTA but felt energised by her doubles match teamed with her sister Serena at the US Open.

Venus Williams has previously said that it isn't about winning or losing for her as she just enjoys being on tour and playing tennis.

"A lot of people have been asking me… 'are you gonna play again?' I love tennis and I would like to play again and I will let you know exactly when," said Williams.

"I've been honestly hitting the court a lot and let me tell you when I hit the court… right after the doubles match that we played at the US Open. I immediately booked the court the next day and I went to every single practice in New York. I hit indoors and I've been hitting ever since."

Venus Williams hasn't given up on improving her game either and hopes that some small tweaks will make her a danger once again.

"I've been actually working a lot of things, mainly, my forehand. Probably one of the most important shots. My serve, the most important shot in tennis is your serve. So folks, if you're a tennis player, get a good serve, get a big serve," Williams said.

"I've been working on slicing. I sliced like once per year in a match and I played a point yesterday and sliced about four times. It was a world record for me, not for anybody else... volleys too."

Venus also played her first non-Slam tour event for the first time in a couple of years during the US Open swing.

After her US Open exit, she suggested that she took encouragement from how things went for her ahead of Flushing Meadows.

"I'm excited about the moments I had this summer and I went out there and did the best I could in the circumstances," she said.

Williams has recently admitted that she fears getting injured and has often checked her swing due to that fear.

"Tennis isn't for everybody... I mean, I wish I could play golf," quipped the veteran.

"So literally no skills and I am afraid of hurting myself and I am afraid of getting out there breaking my back literally trying to hit a ball. I am frightened. Now I started swinging and I slow down like decelerating. I am so nervous I am gonna tweak gunny or hip and just can't get injured one more time."

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