Taylor Fritz calls on ATP to be more accepting of player personality to allow tennis to grow

Taylor Fritz wants players such as Nick Kyrgios to be allowed more freedom to be themselves on the tennis court.

American number one Taylor Fritz has called on the ATP to allow players to show more personality to improve the appeal of the sport.

Tennis is a sport that has long been defined by its great individuals, with the likes of Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe and Andre Agassi just a few who were known for their individuality.

However, the modern era has started to see the more expressive and distinct personalities on the ATP Tour such as Nick Kyrgios vilified, and Fritz thinks that needs to change if Tennis is ever going to grow.

"I think appealing to younger generation and making tennis kind of more fun and exciting is like probably the most important thing we need to do as a sport and it's always been one of my kind of personal dreams to see tennis become more popular among younger kids," Fritz said.

"And I think, I would say just for, like one thing we can do on tour is be more accepting of kind of like crazier attitudes and like stuff like that going on."

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Sport has become accessible to more people than ever before through streaming platforms and behind the scenes documentary series are commonplace now too.

The ATP will debut its own such show later this year, and Fritz sees nothing but opportunity - as long as the personalities on Tour are allowed to express themselves.

"I feel like any little thing can kind of get someone fined or get someone in trouble, so I maybe would like to see more kind of just openness for players to be crazier."

Taylor Fritz was speaking at Roland Garros after his first round win over Santiago Rodgriguez Taverna.

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