Nick Kyrgios admits to assaulting ex-girlfriend, sidesteps assault charge

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend, avoiding a criminal conviction in the process.

The BBC reports that the Australian pushed his then-girlfriend Chiara Passari onto the pavement during an emotional altercation in Canberra in 2021. Passari had stood in the road to stop Kyrgios from driving away. She later reported the incident t the police, but only laid a formal complaint after they broke up.

Kyrgios' lawyer, Michale Kukulies-Smith, argued that his client had attempted to "lawfully" move Passari away from the car. He later called an Uber to defuse the situation.

"It is in that context and the frustration that resulted, that my client reacted and the offence occurred," he said.

"There is a relationship between the mental health and the offending - even though he no longer suffers it to the same extent today."

Magistrate Beth Campbell threw out the charge, saying that Kyrgios acted with "stupidity or frustration", but credited him with trying to leave "when you knew you were being triggered… and needed to get away from the situation".

After the ruling, the world number 20 took to Instagram to show remorse.

"I was not in a good place when this happened and I reacted to a difficult situation in a way I deeply regret," he wrote in an Instagram story.

"I know it wasn't OK and I'm sincerely sorry for the hurt I caused. Mental health is tough. Life can seem overwhelming. But I've found that getting help and working on myself has allowed me to feel better and better."

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