Ash Barty says she has no retirement regrets as she hails strength of women's tennis

Ash Barty sensationally walked away from tennis earlier this year while she ruled the WTA Tour, but does she miss it?

Ash Barty says the source of the WTA's unpredictability is the immense strength of the women's game, not weakness.

Barty retired from tennis last year at the age of just 25 whilst world number one despite it appearing she was on the brink of an era of domination.

Even with Barty in the fold, it has become impossible to predict the winners of Grand Slams, a fact highlighted by Elena Rybakina winning Wimbledon this year.

Many have suggested that unpredictability is due to the lack of dominant players in the women's game, but Barty believes it is because the depth of top talent is so strong that it is simply indomitable.

"Iga Swiatek is an incredible talent, an exceptional human and a lovely girl," Barty said. "I love her and her team, and I couldn't be more proud that she took over the No 1 position, because she plays the sport in the right way and has so much energy and charisma.

"But the depth in women's tennis at the moment is great too. We've come from having one or two players dominating to there being more unpredictability.

"And that's not because the tour is weak. In fact, it's because the tour is so strong. Everyone in that top 40 to 50 bracket is so exceptionally good that week to week they could all be top ten players."

Ash Barty,

Ash Barty shocked everyone when she decided to walk away from tennis while she was both the Wimbledon and Australian Open champion.

Looking back, though, she is adamant has no regrets.

"I definitely miss seeing my mates," she said. "We spent so much time together and all of a sudden I'm living in a different corner of the globe. But retirement has been a really seamless transition.

"Instead of spending a few hours on the practice court every day I just get into different routines. And because I knew it was coming for quite a while, there wasn't much of an adjustment.

"I've no regrets about retiring. Not one. "I knew it was the right time for me. It was what I wanted to do. And I know that a lot of people may still not understand it.

"But I hope they respect that in the sense that it was my decision. And yeah, it's been incredible. It's been everything that I've ever wanted."

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