Transfer Zone: Why can't Arsenal just sign Harry Kane? Plus, has Jack Grealish made a U-turn?

Harry Kane failed to turn up to training, adding further fuel to the Manchester City transfer fire.

Harry Kane misses training

Plenty of reaction to the news that Harry Kane did not turn up for training today.

This has to be the winner though...

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Who wouldn't want to play in the Europa Conference League?

This partly explains why Kane is keen on a move away from Tottenham.

From a Champions League final two years ago to this.

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Romelu Lukaku - the perfect replacement?

Some stats!

Could this man replace Harry Kane at Tottenham?

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Jack Grealish U-turn

Breaking: Jack Grealish decides to stay at Aston Villa after seeing this emotional social media post from a random fan.

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One final bid for Erling Haaland?

"Only a crazy bid can change the game."

Then again, that could be said about every transfer.

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Abramovic to sell his yacht?

Easy to say when it's not your bank… or yacht.

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Poor Hector

Inter Milan turned down Arsenal's offer to include Hector Bellerin as part of any deal for Lautaro Martinez.

Maybe they stumbled upon this clip from the weekend.

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Never gonna happen

Well. When you put it like that, it sounds so simple!

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