Social Zone: Vlahovic shows Arsenal what they're missing, and Ronaldo keeps a close eye on the media

With the quickest Champions League debut goal of all time, Arsenal may be wishing they upped their bid for Vlahovic, while Ronaldo tests the composure of a Manchester United reporter.

It turns out that David Beckham aged a lot better than this tweet did.

Jude Bellingham is doing a great job at making every fan feel old. The 18-year-old is on track to have over 300 professional appearances under his belt by 2027 too.

Couldn't top it off by scoring two against Chelsea though... shame.

Dusan Vlahovic's goal just 31 seconds into his Champions League debut is officially the fastest European debut goal of all time. Quickly add him to Arsenal's list of 'one's who got away'.

With that kind of composure, Manchester United might want to get this reporter at centre-back.

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