Social Zone: Sergio Ramos up to his usual tricks, while Barcelona experience a Christmas miracle

Sergio Ramos may be at a new club this season, but he's brought his old tricks with him to Paris. Meanwhile, we take a look at Ferran Torres' remarkable record as he looks to depart for Barcelona.

SOCCER: Sergio Ramos has some way to go if he's to beat his red card record from Real Madrid, but he's got himself off to a good start in Paris.

SOCCER: It seems Liverpool have themselves a new penalty expert... and if Loris Karius had any hopes left of starting a match, he can finally kiss them goodbye.

SOCCER: If only Brentford's pre-game prediction turned out to be true. Instead, fans watched an own-goal and a penalty in a 2-0 loss.

SOCCER: It was revealed yesterday that Barcelona have made a £46million agreement with Manchester City for Ferran Torres. Either the Catalan club have taken out another loan or this right here is a Christmas miracle.

SOCCER: And with the Spaniard set to depart the Premier League in January, he leaves with a remarkable record...

SOCCER: After Sergio Aguero announced his retirement last week, this is a lovely gesture from the AFA.

NFL: Probably the weirdest - and luckiest - interception you will see for a while!

CRICKET: Jofra Archer's deliveries have that much pace he got a wicket and scored six at the same time... just how much are England missing him at the Ashes?

GOLF: Like father like son - and if Charlie grows up to be as talented as his father, we're in for a treat.

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