Social Zone: Pogba's documentary receives record-low ratings, plus Harry Winks can't make tea

Paul Pogba's 'Pogmentary' has gone up in flames, similar to his time at Manchester United. Plus Everton target Harry Winks showed off his fine footwork - and awful tea-making skills.

Paul Pogba's 'Pogmentary' hasn't gone down too well...

The French midfielder's new documentary has received just 1/10 on IMDb - the lowest rating across the whole website.

So all in all, about as good as his time at Old Trafford then.

Everton target Harry Winks once showed off his accuracy by lobbing a teabag into a mug as he made his cup of tea. Impressive right?

Absolutely not. What's he thinking going in for a sip with the teabag still in? Awful behaviour, Frank Lampard should look elsewhere.

After many nations pushed for 26-man squads at the upcoming 2022 World Cup, FIFA finally approved the idea on Thursday afternoon.

It's great news for England and particularly Gareth Southgate, who can now take seven right-backs to the tournament instead of the usual four.

We've seen some awful custom football shirts here on Social Zone, but this one is right up there among the worst.

The joke will last about two minutes until it sinks in that you've got that written across your back.

Bayern Munich have given Sadio Mane the superstar treatment, quite literally putting his name up in lights.

Better hope he doesn't flop now...

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